One of the best and most essential things to have in your house regardless of how many people are living inside, is a good tool box that has everything that is needed. But deciding which items are needed to fit into whichever box you buy can be hard, especially when considering the space constraints. So here are some ideas for you to contemplate over some tea.

•         Hammer

The most famous of the tool box kit, and mostly assumed by people as the easiest to pick, the hammer is something that needs to be sturdy and loyal (like Thor’s hammer). But when picking a hammer you should not go for the heaviest looking ones or the thick ones just because you think that they will have better power. While the metal has some influence, the hammering action is mainly driven by your own power. So grab a hammer that fits well in your hand and also balances in your hand properly and does not tilt easily or you will end up with some issues on your emergency plumbing jobs at home.

•         Brad nailer

A brad nailer is different from your regular driller or nailer as it uses these tiny nails (metal pieces mostly) which are thinner than the regular nails. These are great to have around home when you want a DIY project done which does not require too much work and when you need to hang some paintings or family photographs on the staircase. You should go for a regular nailer if you feel like you can handle that.

•         Glue gun

A must have for those DIY projects and best emergency plumber Perth situations to have in your house is a glue gun which will enable you to fix broken pipes and also hem curtains if needed. Depending on the glue stick diameter that you end up buying, you can get pretty much everything around the house done easily as they work on ceramics, glass, wood, plastic, rubber and metal.

•         Screwdriver

Another famous essential to go in your toolbox is the screwdriver. There are multiple types and numerous categories of screwdrivers according to application, size and other specifications. There are screwdrivers that come with different heads that can be attached to the same handle, then there are the screwdriver suitcases which have different handles and heads all varying in size and texture. No matter which tool you want to pick, the basics things to keep in mind are the balance and grip. A good grip is essential so rubber handles are good. And the tool should feel natural in your hand and you should not have to force it to work with you. To know more about hot water Peth visit