In the present day, a lot of emphasis is being laid on preserving the environment. You can play your part in environmental conservation by simply practicing green cleaning. Going green is the trending activity nowadays. Below are a couple of green substitutes you can use in lieu of the conventional eco-hazardous cleaning agents.

For your toilet bowl, utilize homemade cleaning agents. It is pretty easy to make a cleaning detergent from the comfort of your home. For instance, a mixture of half a cup of the effective vinegar and baking soda results to an ideal cleaning agent. It works as well as the chemical detergents found in supermarkets. Using vinegar as a cleaning agent has numerous advantages. Besides being safe to use, it has a multi-tasking capacity. This means instead of using an arsenal of cleaning agents to make your toilet bowl sparkle, the vinegar mixture alone is enough. It is also an eco-friendly cleaning agent thus you don’t have to worry about the release of perilous chemicals into the atmosphere.

To green clean your bath tub and shower, a paste of baking soda is mixed with the usual soap. This paste works magic to eradicate the soap scum on the shower head. Today, there is an array of bathroom designs. Based on how your bathroom is structured done by Adelaide plumber, take caution not to spread the paste to unnecessary parts like the shower door or curtain. This homemade detergent surpasses any conventional cleaning agents bought from the shops. Like vinegar, it serves more than one purpose. Beyond the reward of removing soap scum, it also gets rid of hard water and stains of rust. Basically the surface is scrubbed with a piece of cloth applied with the paste till it gets clean. Afterwards, some warm water is run on the surface for rinsing.

The reason why majority of people detest cleaning the bathroom is because of having to remove ghastly looking substances such as hair. Unless these minute elements are removed, the drainage system will get clogged. The reliable drain cleaners come packed with skin irritant compounds such as sodium hypochlorite. Produce your own non-toxic drain cleaner instead of making yourself vulnerable to acquire skin and eye irritations. Another reason why you need to keep your drain in a good state is so as to evade one of those inevitable bathroom renovations once your drain becomes permanently clogged.

The floor needs to be given as much attention too. Bathroom mats or rugs should not be kept in wet conditions. After using them, dip them into water treated with baking soda. Leave them for not less than half an hour so that the cleaning agent counteracts any bacteria present. Soon afterwards, wash them then hang them up outside to dry. Beyond the reward of killing present bacteria, the baking soda helps to eliminate any foul smells. Of all mats being used in the house, the bathroom mat ought to be kept fresh. To green clean floors, baking soda and bits of lemon juice to enhance the scent are added to the cleaning water.