Humans being a have this tendency to fall in love easily without knowing the person well. In olden days people would just would not date, they should first court the lady to date him. Then with a presence of a chaperone, the person would take the lady out. After that they will meet secretly to have their little escapades. Then the guy will have to propose to the girl and marry her. By the time they are married they will know each other very well. They will understand and ultimately love each other without any doubt.

But nowadays, they see each other, check whether are attracted, get to know each other a bit and fall in love the person they show the partner to be and then they just get hurriedly into engagements. They will get married. Or else during their dating stage, they would have become pregnant, if either one of them is like serious they will want to get married. One year down the marriage, with a kid they will finally understand that they were not meant to be with each other and divorce each other. And the person who is more hurt will want revenge. Moreover there will be a child involved in their drama because of their stupid decisions.

But if the one of them is brainier and break up. There are changes of the bitterness residing in them and revenge is human nature than forgiveness. Sometimes the person in the relationship would cheated will get angry because they will feel like the other person should not ask about that which is really twisted. 

So if you have an ex who is crazier than serial killers then here are few tips for you. You can start with installing cameras in you car, in and around your house. You should make sure not to make it obvious. And do not tell people about it. Your crazy ex will of course have friends among your own friends. This will give you hard evidence to get a restraining order against them. If they dare to break restraining order they will be thrown in jail. You might need to have help from people who are experts in abrasive blasting, because that’s the best revenge to get when you love your house or your car.

Therefore when you have installed cameras, you can record them in the act. Then you might need a group of good friends to testify against him or her in court and good lawyer. Apart from that, cleaners should be on your speed dial because crazy people can never be predicted. If you think you are ready to try another relationship make sure to tell the person about your crazy ex. Because you’re crazy ex would get all details and ruin your date for you.