Industrial consumers have been enjoying real benefits from the emergence of automated doors since 40 years. Productivity has been increased a lot due to the evolution of high-speed doors from rigid and slow doors. Energy can also be saved from the invention of high-speed doors. High cycle automation has been applied in making high-speed doors too. 

These types of industrial doors are also very much safe to the workers during work at workplaces. But workers also need to take safety measures while working in front of high-speed doors as chances of accidents remain there.

Door safety is an important safety issue in industrial workplaces. Many non-fatal accidents have been reported in workplaces till date. But this is not clear whether these accidents have been happened due to the manually operated doors or high speed doors. Accidents due to industrial doors in Melbourne have been reduced a lot by applying proper designs to these doors. Training programs also need to be arranged for proper usage during work by workers.

The reliable door manufacturers should keep in mind some major factors while manufacturing these doors, like:

• increased productivity,

• energy efficiency

• door safety

Manufacturers must follow a few principles too while making these doors and those are:

1) design of the doors should be such that it would minimize the chances of hazard at workplaces;

2) Safeguard must be installed if hazards remain in high speed doors

3) following the above two principles strictly

Not only manufacturers, but also potential purchasers should use these principles while purchasing high-speed doors. Four types of accidents are generally associated with high speed doors and those are lateral impact, download impact, entrapment and secondary impact.

These automated doors are energy efficient as well as cost saving

Sectional doors and roller shutters are famous for highly secured doors in industrial places. The most important features of these doors are improving energy efficiency, heat loss minimization, easy opening and closing and reducing energy bills. High quality automated doors are very much expensive and as well as durable for long time. At the same time these doors are cost effective as these would not damage soon.

Automated doors should be maintained properly to avoid unexpected breakdowns. And professionals should be called upon for installation of these doors in workplaces. These professionals include engineers, technicians and installers. They should acquire relevant training and experience in the same field.

Automated doors are mostly necessary in workplaces, not in houses. These doors are installed in those workplaces which are located away from busy cities and busy streets.